Digital Marketing Sales Representative

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States · Sales


Not all sales positions are rewarding. We get that. Financially it has to make sense for you. Also, you need to find the right fit from a product perspective AND from a team/work environment perspective.

And on our side, all websites and digital marketing aren’t built equally either. Great digital marketing starts with asking the right questions before the sale even closes, then the right team to build and execute on strategy. When that team is comprised of kick-ass designers, amazing developers and super savvy digital marketers, sales is rewarding.

We are currently seeking an outside sales consultant to report directly to our Founder and CEO on seeking new opportunities, meeting new prospects, and closing the right deals for us and our new clients.

This is an exciting opportunity. Everyone says that, but here’s why I mean it.

We’ve NEVER had a true sales person. All of our previous sales came from word of mouth referrals, repeat customers, and our community of amazing partners that we trust to handle other components of digital, that also trust us to do our piece.

This means that there is opportunity everywhere, with a brand that has a good reputation, a rolodex of previous projects/clients and a passion for all things digital.

At this time, if you don’t know the first thing about digital marketing, you aren’t going to be a good fit for us. We don’t have the time to train you on the lingo, and some of our sales process requires a little bit of strategy to wet the prospects’ palette.

But, if you’ve got some digital prowess, a strong will to succeed, a competitive and numerical mindset and a desire to be part of a great, growing team of digital gurus, this might be for you.



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